After training, participants will be able to:

  • Aware of benefits of their jobs to themselves and their work
  • Maintain professional serving style
  • Improve customer care skills
  • Know how to support and coordinate with relevant departments
  • Understand the customer psychology to overcome difficult situations


The expert uses the most modern training methods based on the understanding about the psychology and needs of participants, takes participants as center:

  • Make deep impact to change perception
  • Mind-to-mind speech to create strong emotions and powerful forces
  • Uses the metaphor story to illustrate problems
  • Help participants develop the self’s capacity to overcome the psychological obstacles
  • Group-work to discuss typical reality-situations of the job
  • Training games


Professional attitudes in/towards

  • Service and customer care
  • Training and personal improving in the customer care
  • Customers and partners in the work
  • Taking all difficulties as challenges and opportunities to promote the ability
  • Internal and external customers
  • Customer care and systematic coordination of parts
  • Raising themselves to represent a big brand
  • The importance of thoroughly understanding about the issues around the product to serve customers best

Professional style

  • Make an impression right at first meeting
  • Positive body language: standing, sitting, walking, eye contact
  • Communication protocols
  • Create a close, friendly contact with people

Professional Communications

  • Make impressive phone-talk
  • Understand customer psychology
  • Listen actively and empathically
  • Ask-questions art
  • Convince customers effectively
  • Predict upcoming event and figure out solutions
  • Communication in internal coordination

Emotions control

  • Receive the customer’s emotion
  • Manage and control emotions when dealing with customers
  • Create positive energy
  • Friendly smile, make face’s sympathy
  • Separate people and issues

The complementary skills for customer care

  • How to say “no” without offending customers
  • Receive and handle customer complaints
  • Make promises to customers
  • Keep good positions in communications
  • Deal with angry customers
  • Steps to transfer the customer’s status from negative to positive


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