On October 10, 2010 at the Great Hall of the University, in collaboration with Inforworld, CSDN held the workshop “Job interview – Easy or Difficult” for all students of the university. This is a program to help equip them with writing records skills as well as ways to pass the direct interview from the enterprise. First, CSDN expert enabled them to have more awareness of themselves in the process of job interviews. Besides, the expert also pointed out the errors that they commonly encounter in CV writing and bad reactions before the hard questions.

During the training, they also had the expert share experience on how to create the impressive difference beyond thousands of employment records. Finally, when they had a chance act as interviewees. Their positions, the behaviors and communication were reformed to best suit the circumstances. They were also prepared for difficult questions that may occur in the recruitment. After the program they were all very confident to enter the formal recruitment round for a good job in the future!