On Aug 13th & 14th, 2011, staff of PV.Drilling were guided to explore and experience practical exposures to Effective Negotiation Skills by training expert from CSDN.

With a specific characteristic of their job that they often have to negotiate with domestic and foreign partners on big commercial value projects, the soft skill of Effective Negotiation, thus,  is one very important factor of the final success of each project in specific, and the overall accomplishment of individuals in general.  Therefore, the course has gained big support from the “insiders”.

The expert from CSDN has taken this opportunity to share with the attendants about some modern negotiation methods that might help their organization take advantage in negotiation; meanwhile, still maintain the benefit of the partners.  For case study, CSDN’s expert brought to the attendants some complicated sensitive situations that are likely to cause conflicts, or to place the negotiations in an impasse in reality so that they had to brainstorm and apply all the skills as well as knowledge they had gained from the beginning of the course to solve the situations out. After hard time of discussion and brainstorming, with the enthusiasm and excitement, they finally came up with some very creative and unique solutions to those challenging situations. Then came the final group-presentations, with some help from the expert, each group had stated their points very clearly and convincingly. Supported by constructive feedbacks from other groups, the solutions of each group had been spread out successfully. The creative unique solutions that had been discovered and practice during the course have now become very powerful tools for the staff of PV.Drilling in reality.

Picture: The attendants are working on the case study.