In the two years 2010 and 2011, Banking University coordinated with CSDN to hold Skill-Training Programs such as “Asserting yourself”, “Effective communication”, “Effective teamwork” … for approximately 6000 students of the university.

Through the program the students are taught how to adapt to changes skillfully and improve the working ability to meet the requirements of the enterprise after graduating.

The students were excited to participate in activities throughout the program, while also not hesitate to share with their friends and the expert the difficulties and obstacles they were facing with in life. The CSDN really pleased the students with the convincing answers based on his own reality experience.

After the success of the program in two years, Banking University has decided to choose CSDN as long term partners in the provision of skill-training program for the entire students of the school in next school-year 2012. The program will be designed in a scientific and diverse way that brings highly applicability and appropriate for all students from freshmen to senior.