Cuoc Song Dung Nghia Consulting & Training Company is home of many skill-training specialists dedicated in one goal – to develop soft skills for individuals and organizations based on their needs &logocsdn1-300x300 objectives; including the Founder & CEO – Speaker Tran Dinh Tuan, who has aimed to realize this mission since his life-time at university.

Found in the time when the sense  “Soft skills”  is emphasized as the key to success but not truly appreciated, Cuoc Song Dung Nghia and its devoted training staffs have put forth their best effort to produce high-quality training programs focusing on the practical and applicable ability. One of the best advantages of Cuoc Song Dung Nghia.Co is that each of our programs focuses on helping our customers apply the knowledge they have gained in training duration in solving current problems immediately.



With our great enthusiasm to deliver the message – “Prove yourselves – Together Prove Vietnamese”, Cuoc Song Dung Nghia  is literally taking long steady steps on its road with a bright vision based on practical missions and true values.



Become a leading educational organization in Vietnam and Asia in the field of developing and perfecting human resources of individuals and organizations in 2020.



To help individuals and organizations explore and make the best use of their potentials in work and life.




  • True Values
  • Excellent Services
  • Great Differences
  • Community Connection
  •  Effectiveness



  1. 1. The program for Leadership and Management
  2. Training and Developing Individuals in Business
  3. Sales Program, Customer Care, Customer Relationship
  4. Team Building Program
  5. Working skills in Companies, Enterprises, and Organizations
  6. Presentations, Life-skill and Soft-skill Training Program


By taking Effectiveness as the measure of training and consulting, along with the goal of offering the right knowledge and skills to every individual based on their needs; Cuoc Song Dung Nghia points out that learning is not only encapsulated in a lesson but requires a whole complete process starting from understanding thoroughly every single need to deciding which program and method will be most appropriate to apply. Last but not least, our care and support program after training will help customers accomplish great changes and successfully apply new knowledge to reality.

In addition, one of the advantages Cuoc Song Dung Nghia offers is that our program-contents are designed properly, systematically, and professionally. To every different need of each organization, we provide a unique program that strikes directly to problems the organization is facing with. This not only helps organizations solve current problems but also lift up the staff’s working spirit and encourage them to gain further success.

After 2 years of operating, Cuoc Song Dung Nghia still keeps on growing widely and deeply. Our programs are constantly being improved to satisfy every single need of individuals or organizations. Our achievements today are the result of constant efforts that have been recorded by complements, trust, and loyalty of customers. This is truly an enormous source of encouragement that helps us improve and develop even stronger and better to contribute more skills knowledge and greater values to our society in the future.

Lastly, it is truly our great honor to be your company with the principle – “ASSITING SUCCESS – DOUBLING HAPPINESS”. We all commit that the values we bring will always live up to your expectations; and hope that in a win-win relationship, we will side-by-side accomplish further success.